What We Do:

CXHE is dedicated to professionalizing homeownership services and counseling, as well as advocating for policies, programs and resources that promote the availability of high quality financial and homeownership education services. Specifically CXHE:
• Promotes the national housing counseling standards and supports our member agencies to adopt the standards
• Provides member agencies with certification training opportunities, best practices and peer-to-peer networking
• Advocates on a statewide and national basis on behalf of consumers considering home ownership and those who are homeowners but may be facing default or foreclosure
• Partners with civil legal service programs and some financial institutions to promote fair lending practices and procedures
• Promotes greater awareness of the availability of counseling and urges sufficient funding of homeownership counseling services for the benefit of consumers and communities throughout the State

Why We Do It:

Housing Counselors add significant value to the home buying process and to successful homeownership. As a result of housing counseling:
• Homebuyers make better, more successful home purchase decisions when they have knowledge of the process and the quality of the home they are buying.
• Homebuyers are financially better prepared for ownership due to awareness of and budgeting for all costs of ownership, strengthened credit scores which result in better, lower cost mortgage options, and solid saving strategies for home improvements which preserve their most important asset – their home.
• Lenders and real estate professionals save time and money working with well-educated homebuyers.
• Homeowners gain access to information about home repair and energy efficiency programs.
• Homeowners having trouble with their mortgages receive help in keeping their home and negotiating their best possible mortgage options.
• Neighborhoods and communities benefit from better prepared first time buyers – studies show that pre-purchase counseling and education significantly reduce delinquency and default rates.

CXHE works to bring these kinds of high quality housing counseling services to all New York residents. Our network and collaboration since 2007 has resulted in better trained and more professional counselors as well as awareness of the value of housing counseling and the need for stable funding of these services.

To download the informational sheet click here:  CXHE Information Sheet